HAPPY 2023!

We believe in everlasting solutions!

Let us help you get to the “real” root of your hair wants and needs. Here at The Throne Growth Solutions, we pride ourselves in investing our time and education into individuals who are looking for ever lasting solutions. 

Our Services


Let us guide you through your hair growth success with our virtual and in-person consultations, with our CEO and Founder, Sherry Bryant.

Medical + Cosmetic Treatments

After your consultation, let us set you up with a plan to achieve the look you desire. Our plans range from medical wigs all the way down to scalp micropigmentations.

Med Spa + Salon

Now that your plan is set, head on down to our med spa and salon in Kettering, MD. There you will get the 1-on- 1 love and attention your hair deserves.

DIY Products

After visiting our beautiful salon, feel free to take home our life changing, handmade hair growth products to continue your life long hair journey.