Trichology Treatments & Services

If you suffer from hair loss due to genetics, disease, hormonal imbalance, noticed issues with your hair’s texture or noticed any changes in your scalp, schedule a Trichology profile today. Trichology is a branch of dermatology, specifically concerned with human hair follicles and the scalp. The Throne Growth Solutions provides both in-person and virtual consultations to allow anyone worldwide to experience our craft. We carefully go through a detailed Trichology process, note each client’s hair history, and chart a treatment plan for immediate relief and long-term results. This service has helped numerous clients reach their goals in restoring their scalp to full health, preventing future hair loss, and obtain a thick, natural-looking hairline.

In-Person Consultation 

The Throne Growth Solutions in-person consultation, by appointment following all COVID-19 prevention protocols. Each client fills consultation form that is individually evaluated by the Trichology Practitioner. A Hair & Scalp Analysis using our microscopic scoping lens takes hi-res digital photos of the scalp and hair follicle state. The data compiled is used to craft a personalized treatment plan that provides an immediate solution to your hair issues. Our clients opt-in, via signature, in commitment to the program and its prescribed length of treatment. Please don’t hold off any longer to realize your hair goals! Schedule a session today to begin a rewarding journey to hair restoration and healthy hair.   

Virtual Consultation

Here at The Throne Growth Solution, our online consultation, via Zoom, is accessible by anyone globally and safe for all during the pandemic that requires assistance in achieving progress against hair loss issues. Our itemized online checklist form will capture your hair history and provide our staff the details to chart out and deliver a comprehensive 6 point plan to restore your mane of hair to its full potential long-term.