Royal Brow Wigs


Royal Queens restore your confidence, with our Royal Brow Wigs features a softly muted arch. These are our most popular wigs. A beautiful, delicate arch is yours with these 100% human hair brow wigs. This kit is hand woven on a ultra thin micro-mesh, they are easy to apply and re-usable, when taking care properly.

Beauty Tip: We recommend brushing a little eyebrow powder over the wig to ensure a natural looking finish.



What this is: Our wig starter kit ensures that you have all the tools to make your wig look natural and great.

Each Kit Includes:
– 1 Eyebrow Wig (left & right brow)
– A matching eyebrow powder for the wigs
– Eyebrow wig adhesive
– A puff brushThese are our most popular wigs.

Wig Length: 2 1/8″ Long. Wig Thickness: Slightly less than 1/4″ thick

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black, Black Feathers, Black Flower, Green Blossoms, Red Flower, Soft Angle Dark, Soft Angled Light, Soft Angled Medium, Soft Angles Medium Light, White Flower


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