Let our BLACK KNIGHT GROWTH BUTTER restore, soften, condition and repair the breakage in your beard. Even the most rogue beard can be shaped, softened and tamed with our butter. It only takes a little to produce great results. Packed with over 3+ factors that are sure to grow your beard, this beard butter should definitely be in your bathroom cabinet.

*For the absolute best results please apply a pea-size amount between palms. Rub, until butter melts then apply to the roots treating it like a light wax and comb through, working toward the ends and taming stray hairs along the way. Perform daily.



PROFILE SCENT: Fellas…this one attracts the ladies.

Going out with the bros? Going on a date? Or just want to smell fresh before you’re headed to work? Black Knight is packed with a combination of oils like frankincense and sandalwood which are key ingredients that will promote the feelings of relaxation and alertness, all while serving you some medicinal properties like supporting wound healing, guarding against skin cancer and fighting bacteria. Treat yourself King ,and be well.

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