We Welcome you!! We are Excited and thankful you are taking the 90 Day “GROWTHYPE” Challenge. The biggest step was trusting our brand in helping you with your Hair Journey! Ladies, if your struggling with thinning, hair loss, balding or loss of edges, let us help!! We here at The Thone Growth Solutions- pride ourselves on “NOT” finding a quick fix, but a Real Solution according to each individual person hair needs.

Our GROWTHYPE box will target your overall Hair Growth, Hair Shedding, Scalp Health, while building Length Retention using our Safe All Natural Organic Ingredients and Products! It is our hope, this challenge aims to SET IN MOTION multiple areas of attack on your hair and scalp.


Included in Box:
Our Signature Throne Box
Our Royal Bio-& Rice Caffeine Shampoo
Our Royal Rice Water & Bio-Keratin Conditioner
Our Royal Bio-Keratin Growth Serum
Our Royal Detangling Brush
Our Royal Heat Cap for Steam Treatment/Deep Condition
Our Signature Growth T-Shirt
Derma Roller

Also includes, one on one virtual consultation to set your regrowth program, meet once a week in the Throne Facebook Group or Zoom for 7 weeks. Private access to protective styles/shampoo and product knowledge and tip video and Q&A.


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