Medical Wig

In Person Consultation for Cranial Prosthesis Units

At, The Throne Growth Solutions, Certified Cranial Prosthesis Specialist and US Trichologist Hair Loss Practitioner,  Sherry Bryant,  provides clients with customized Cranial Hair Prosthesis. Our Cranial Hair Prosthesis is specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions or treatments, or any other clinical disease resulting in hair loss.
We understand that coping with hair loss can be quite challenging. At The Throne Growth Solutions will provide you with personalized service and attention from start to finish. If you are experiencing hair loss from alopecia, female pattern or male pattern baldness, chemotherapy or radiation treatments, then our services are for you!
Has partner up with a USA base company specializing in medical prosthetic wigs for those with a desire for highly realistic and beautifully hand crafted wigs. For medical patients or those with hair loss issues, we can help restore your confidence with a wig that blends naturally with your scalp and hairline. Our scalp prosthesis materials are expertly matched to your skin tone and created with comfort in mind. Using vacuum suction technology, our wigs are virtually invisible and completely effortless once applied. Unlike traditional wigs made with uncomfortable and irritating mesh materials, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

Our one-of-a-kind realistic scalp prostheses as well as lace wigs are proudly worn by patients affected by hair loss. Our attention to quality, detail, and the most seamless fit are unparalleled.
Request a consult from your primary care doctor for a custom cranial prosthesis due to hair loss. Call the Throne Growth Solutions for a free telephone consultation, and schedule an appointment for your personalized fitting of your custom hair system.
Most insurance companies will cover 80% – 100% of your Cranial Hair Prosthesis.
Some insurance companies will cover ‘Prescribed Cranial Prosthesis’, but do not cover ‘wigs.’  Insurance companies cover the cost under procedure codes S8095 and A9282.  You will need to get a letter or prescription from your doctor.  The letter or prescription must be for a ‘Prescribed Cranial Prosthesis.’  It should not say wig.  If your letter or prescription says wig, your claim will most likely be denied.

We take pride not only in making our clients beautiful, but also empowering them with a renewed confidence.