Broken but Never Shattered: My Mini Introduction

I often wondered what they saw when they looked at me.

Let me give you a little background for those who were wondering.

I’m a 47 year-old black mom, of 2 amazing God sent daughters, with a big ass dream on the side.

What’s the “big ass dream” you ask?… I’ll let you guess.

I have been in beauty industry for over 24 years now, and I’m still going. I have had the opportunity do it all. If you can name it, nine times out of ten, I’ve probably done it.

Hair is my calling and true passion, and I would love to continue to learn, grow, and help as many heads as I can.

The best part about this gift is having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people like yourself. Y’all really keep me going and growing.  Truth be told,  I have always been a “behind the scene” girl, and never really worried or wanted to tell my business or my journey about being in this industry…BUT, here I am.

I’ve always had this idea that everyone was gifted with a purpose, and when it’s presented to you, it’s up to YOU to decide what you do with it.

I’ll admit I have fallen short and have been beaten while I’m down PLENTY OF TIMES. I’ve had people lie on me, and tell me I’m not a good mom, or that I’m doing too much and I’m wasting my time, and to be honest…that shit hurts.

I’m slowly getting back up though, because I know this is MY purpose. God has anointed me with these skills and this drive for knowledge, and I would be a fool to let anyone or anything get in the way of HIS plan for me.

In 2017, I wrote on my bucket list that I wanted to go to barber school, start a medical wig company and be a certified hair loss practitioner. Well, God I thank you, for your grace. I was able to complete barber school 3 days before they closed for the pandemic. I became a Certified Medical Wig Specialist, a Trichologist Hair Loss Practitioner  DURING the pandemic, and now, I am legally the Founder and owner of the The Throne LLC.

Needless to say, this is my third time starting a business. The number three biblically represents Divine Wholeness, Completeness and Perfection. Three was used to put a DIVINE STAMP of completion or fulfillment on a subject, so you know what that means…THIS IS IT!

I say all this to say…

Never let anyone take away YOUR self confidence, YOUR purpose YOUR vision or YOUR peace.

I’ve been broken, and I am still picking up the pieces to become whole again.

If you were looking for a sign to continue your passion, well here it is…

Welcome to The THRONE, where we offer you healthy and transformative hair products and services.

Until next time

Peace, Love, & Hair Grease,

Sherry Bryant

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